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Crystal Candy Jar

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(1) Aquamarine tumble - A gorgeous form of
beryl loved for centuries thought to boost
courage, highten intuition, and aid in
(1) Lepidolite tumble - A form of mica
pigmented purple from manganese. Thought
to help with sleep, relaxation, inspiring
positive change, and to take away stress.
(1) flower agate tumble - A new discovery
found in 2018 in Madagascar. A soft
nurturing stone that aids in manifestation,
positive change, & joy in life.
(1) Labradorite Palm - A feldspar that creates
a beautiful shine. Thought to help with
protection, inspiration, change, mental
sharpness, and transformation.
(1) Star Rose Palm - Star Rose Quartz is a "rarer"
form of Rose Quartz that has a six-rayed star
caused by reflections of the light from
embedded fibers that intersect at an angle of
(1) Amazonite Palm - soothe truama, promotes
harmony and balance, helps you express your
thoughts, boosts creativity.